How to Start with the Right Adult Coloring Book Supplies

How to Start with the Right Adult Coloring Book SuppliesLet's get back to basics and learn how to get started with adult coloring book supplies.

What exactly do you need? What are some handy tools to have on hand to really make your coloring pages POP?

In this video, you'll learn about the three different types of colored pencils, how you can use them to color, blend, and shade, and what "extras" you might want to have on hand. This way, you have everything you need to start coloring and you won't be scrambling to find things, which can really break the flow.

Supplies Needed

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil Kit

Large Capacity Zippered Case for Colored Pencil Storage - 168 Slots

✅ Sharpie fine tip permanent marker for noting the number of the pencil

✅ Sketchbook for practicing techniques

✅ Blending Pen for wax pencils - Prismacolor

✅ Fine tip brush pen - Faber Castell

✅ Magnifying glass

✅ Pencil sharpener - hand is ok, electric is better

✅ White Posca Pen for highlights

Step by Step Instructions

🖍️ First, you'll want to choose your colored pencils. Prismacolor pencils are high-quality and get great reviews. But you can also find budget-friendly options with good reviews, too. The number of pencils you get will affect how much you'll need to invest and the more colored pencils in a package, the more shades will be included which will give you more options when you color pages.

🖍️ You'll also want to consider purchasing a high-capacity zippered pencil pouch. One like the one I've shared here will keep your colored pencils secure, protected, and all in one place, so you won't be wondering where your favorite color is.

🖍️ A black, fine-tip Sharpie pen is great for marking down the number of each colored pencil and where it goes. Then, when you need to replace it, you can do so and store it right where it belongs.

🖍️ A good quality sketchbook is recommended for practicing your coloring techniques like cross-hatching and blending. You can also use a sketchbook to practice color combinations and techniques you want to try out before committing to using them in a finished design.

🖍️ A blending pen comes in handy to smooth out your work.

🖍️ A black fine-tip brush pen is useful for creating more detail in a design, such as adding in eyelash detail.

🖍️ Sometimes a design is very detailed and can be hard to see. A magnifying glass can magnify the design and help you see really intricate details.

🖍️ You'll definitely want a pencil sharpener. Hand sharpeners are alright but if you want to go for quality, electric pencil sharpeners are better.

🖍️ And finally, to be able to add highlights to your designs, purchase a white Posca paint pen.

Getting your coloring supplies in order isn't a hard project and it's definitely worthwhile. There's nothing worse than starting a project and finding out in the middle of it that you need something you don't have.

Stocking your supplies ahead of time will prevent this from happening!

As you can see, you don't need a lot and you can start out by getting just a few things. Then, you can add in supplies here and there, eventually setting yourself up with a well-stocked inventory of coloring supplies.

The great thing about this hobby is that a lot of these things can be taken on-the-go, so you can have coloring fun wherever you are.

So tell you have a well-stocked supply with what you like to use? Let me know in the comments what your next purchase is or what your must-have coloring tools are!

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